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Women's Shelter

A best practice women’s shelter in South East Sydney responding to women and families in crisis, and working with the community towards education and prevention of domestic and family violence.

In collaboration with Women’s Community Shelters (WCS), an organisation dedicated to sheltering homeless women through local community fundraising and philanthropy, we have established a 6 bedroom shelter accommodating women, with or without children, who are escaping family and domestic violence in the South-East Sydney area.

Dr Christina Curry leads the group, working in partnership with Women’s Community Shelters, Chief Executive, Annabelle Daniel.

Annually, we will provide safe, temporary accommodation (up to three months) for approximately 24 women, and their children.

Why are we setting up a shelter for women and children in South-East Sydney suburbs?

  • One woman a week and one man a month is killed by a current or former partner. Other findings include 1 in 6 (1.6 million) women and 1 in 16 (500,000) men have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a cohabiting partner since age 15
  • 50,000 women are estimated homeless every night in Australia
  • 60% of women who seek shelter with WCS in Sydney are turned away because the shelters are full
  • There are no other shelters catering specifically for domestic violence victims (and their children) in the area. While there are other homeless shelters in Sydney, they are all at capacity, and most significantly, do not always have adequate security measures in place to keep women safe from violent offenders
  • 1,550 crisis beds for investment in women in NSW and they are regularly completely full
  • 52,000 women who are homeless across Australia every night and domestic violence causes about 75% of women’s homelessness
  • Domestic violence rates don’t discriminate by financial situation – upper, lower and middle-income women are equally likely to find themselves in a domestic violence situation
  • 1 in 4 Australian women (15 years and older) report having experienced sexual, physical or emotional violence.

Our Services Include

Receive Counselling

for children who have experienced domestic violence

Obtain Referrals

to doctors, legal advice, immigration experts, work and education

Help Find

secure, affordable and sustainable housing.

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