Pledge Your Occasion


Pledge Your Occasion

Are you celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a christening?

You may wish to encourage your friends and family to support Bayside Women’s Shelter in lieu of gifts, or choose to make a donation in their name instead of having party/wedding favours.

​If you’re encouraging donations instead of gifts, why not build your own personalised online fundraising page at Everyday Hero. You can then share the unique link to your page with friends and family with a short message explaining your wishes—and why it is important to you to support Bayside Women’s Shelter.

Unsure of how to ask your friends and family to donate instead of giving you a gift?

Here are some examples of what you could write, along with explaining why Bayside Women’s Shelter is your chosen charity:

​“We are fortunate to have good health, a roof over our heads and love in our lives. The greatest gifts we can receive are your continued friendship and your presence at our [INSERT EVENT HERE]. If you are considering a gift, we encourage you to please commemorate [INSERT EVENT HERE} with a gift to Bayside Women’s Shelter.”


“Most importantly, it is your presence, rather than presents, that we are looking forward to most. We are extremely thankful to be able to say that we truly don’t “need” anything, except the continued support of our family and friends. We would be honoured by a donation to Bayside Women’s Shelter in lieu of a traditional gift. Click the link below to make a donation through our personal fundraising page (that way we can thank you for your generosity!).


“[INSERT NAME HERE], a contribution to our favourite charity, Bayside Women’s Shelter is a wonderful way to commemorate [our] special day. We’d truly appreciate your gift in kind.”

By showing your support in asking for donations in lieu of gifts for your special occasion, you are playing a vital role in keeping Bayside Women’s Shelter open to support keeping women and their children safe, at their most vulnerable time. For that, we can’t thank you enough.

If you have a question about fundraising or would like to discuss your fundraising plans, please contact us.

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